Message from the President

Our management philosophy is to promote coexistence and a mutually beneficial relationship with trees, as we recognize that wood has long been indispensable to people. The grain of wood calms us, and the scent of wood heals us. We seem to have a subconscious connection with wood. You often see woodgrain PVC sheets and printed veneers, cheaper substitutes for wood, demonstrating that human beings are longing for the natural pattern of the wood’s grain.

I want our customers to know the benefits of natural wood through our products. And it would be gratifying if our customers could share in this realization. My vision is to make the most of a limited resource to the maximum enjoyment of people. In fact, the amount of timber that can be harvested for quality planks has decreased considerably over the past several decades. Several species of trees have been exhausted. Our business was founded on these trees, and I am committed to preserving them for everyone’s benefit.

Our company was founded by my grandfather in 1943, so I am of the third generation. Since I was born I have been surrounded by veneers and have grown up familiar with the aroma of wood. When I was young, while on drives with my family, we often stopped by shrines and temples amid tall trees. Surrounded by these trees, I felt a connection to them, and I would like to share this deep connection I have experienced.

Inukai Tsukiita Inc.


Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is to promote coexistence and a mutually beneficial relationship with trees.

Our management policy is to utilize the limited natural resource of wood for the benefit of people.



Company name Inukai Tsukiita Corporation
CEO Inukai Hidekiyo
Company Founded October 1, 1948
Capital ¥10,000,000
Head Office Locatiion 〒490-1433 Aichi, Ama District, Tobishima Village, Nagisa 5-27
TEL 0567-52-2571
FAX 0567-52-2811
Bank Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Ban, Mie-ken Bank
Main Line of Business Manufacture and sale of veneers


Company history

Family began manufacturing veneer and furniture
October 1948
Inukai Tsukiita, Inc. established
December 1971
Tobishima factory establishment
July 1990
Tobishima factory expanded
September 1998
Head office relocated
September 1999
Tent warehouses added