What are Japanese-made veneers?

Veneer that takes its beauty from nature.
Veneer is widely used as a decorative surface material for furniture, building interiors, musical instruments, etc. Some veneer products are only printed woodgrain patterns on paper, but our veneer is genuine natural wood. The grain’s beauty and fragrance and warmth bestows a calmness and elegance to life.

Veneer that is economical and versatile.
The thickness of the Japanese-made veneer is only 0.2 mm compared with the 0.6mm thickness of veneer made in other countries. There are several unique features for veneer this thin. First, it bends easily, so it can be used for such things as a book cover. It is also transparent, enough so that it can be used as a lamp shade. Lastly, it is very light so that large objects can be made of it.

Catalog of Japanese-made Veneers

日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板
Japanese Ash Cross Grain
Japan, China, Russia etc.
Japanese Cedar Spindle
Wormseed Wood
Sen Wood

Products Having Japanese-made Veneers

日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板
Message Card
Calendar Desk Lamp Desk Lamp
日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板 日本製突板
Desk Lamp Glassware Bookmark Bookmark

Japanese-made veneers are possible to use for many products.
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